Hold on One Minute!

As a brand new member of Pixel Studio FX, I was offering you an upgrade to your software.

You see the PRO package is unique as it provides you with over 400 additional new done for you themes, over 300 license free fontís, and double the storage space!

Now, maybe you didnít get a good look at Pixel Studio Pro.

As you can see, Pixel Studio Pro comes grouped with Groupshot Pro, the 3D bundle maker.

But maybe you arenít ready for the bundle maker yetÖ

So before you go, I want to offer you THREE options today:

Option #1: Pixel Studio Pro

Iíll remove Groupshot Studio, cut $50 off the price and youíll get instant and lifetime access to Pixel Studio Pro.

This includes:

400 NEW themes (On top of your 250 You Already Get) Ė Valued at $20,000
300 Additional Fonts (on top of the 200 You already Get) - Valued at $1,500
The ability to upload, host, and design your own images (100Megs Worth) Ė Valued at $199

All for a one time investment of JUST $48.

Pixel Studio Pro

No tricks, no gimmicks and you can always upgrade into Groupshot Studio at anytime by contacting support.


There is Option #2: Pixel Studio Pro
WITH Group Shot Studio

Chances are if you're reading this, it's because you watched the demo above.

That means you see the value and realize that Groupshot studio is really an important element of Pixel Studio FX

Groupshot Studio allows you to make amazing 3D bundleís like this:

And I want you to get access to this. PLUS Iím going to give you all the options from Option #1. The full and lifetime access to Pro Package.

Total value of the Pixel Studio Pro With Groupshot Studio is over $22,098.

Today and today only, itíll cost you a ONE time FEE of just $98.

Pixel Studio Pro with Groupshot Studio

And of course youíre protected by our 30 day no questions asked promise. If you upgrade to either Option #1 or Option #2.. and decide they are not for you, just shoot us an email and weíll send you back every penny.


Option #3: You can pass on both upgrades..

Maybe youíre not ready for it. And we understand that.

We just wanted to give you the fair chance to get a clear understanding of EXACTLY what you are passing up on.

If you donít want it, we understand and we respect you for it.

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